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Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Let's start with the obvious.

Downhill ski Okemo, Killington, Stratton, Bromley, Magic Mountain, Suicide Six, Sunapee (and more) all within 30 minutes to one hour drive from IW Vermont.

Cross country ski.

Lots of options, Okemo, Woodstock, Viking Nordic Center, all within 30 minutes to one hour drive.

Snow shoe. Easy as strapping a pair in the lower dining room and heading out through the woods. Or, grab a couple pairs and head down into the nature preserve just a couple miles down the road from the inn on Maple Street.

Sleigh Rides anyone? There are several places in the area that offer sleigh rides. Right down the road is Kedron Stables in South Woodstock. And down in Grafton, there are sleigh rides. And over the river (and through the woods :)), is The Warren Farm (pictured below). Warren is a bit more expensive ($200), BUT, you're by yourself (two to 10 guests) on 100 acres. Located just five miles off I-91 (south of the inn) in Alstead, this husband and wife team have been bringing joy to the area with their majestic horses and sleigh rides. Call 603-835-2456.

More into shopping?

First stop Woodstock, a quintessential Vermont village just 20 miles down the road from IW Vermont. So many fun shops - don't miss the Yankee Book Shop, and to eat, we love Mon Vert Cafe. Always delicious and creative food.

(Obviously pre COVID, but the sidewalks can get crowded.)

If you're looking for other options, we've got so many favorites, all near IW Vermont.

Here's a list:

  • Blake Hill Preserves Jam Shop (Love this shop. So cute and great gifts!

  • Silo Distillery (Go on, take a break and stock up on some of their delicious spirits.

  • Harpoon Brewery (Great pub food, beers and "merch" to bring home)

  • Simon Pearce (Same Windsor complex as the three above, don't miss this glass blowing experience and outlet.)

  • Outer Limits Brewery (Located in Proctorsville - pop in for beers, pizza, wings...)

  • Singleton's (Also in Proctorsville is Singleton's General Store - great sandwiches, seasonal clothes - yes, so fun)

  • Smokeshire Hilltop Design (Between Chester and Ludlow on Route 103, amazing gift store plus custom made furniture - hostess gifts and more!

  • Davallia (A favorite gift shop in Chester. Something for everyone, from handmade jewelry to original art to custom furniture. Great gift store for someone special or yourself!)

How 'bout a little "pickin..."

We love popping into shops. Sometimes, it's for a purpose - can't get enough "pie birds" and "Stanley thermoses." But some guests are looking for furniture or vintage books (separate trip - best is in Middlebury, another in Bellows Falls).

While some shops are in our area, others may be on your way to IW Vermont. Let's start to the west of us in Chester, Bellows Falls and then down in Westminster and Peterborough, New Hampshire.

  • Stonehouse Antique Center The farm tools in the great room came from there, small tables, wood boxes, stools, glassware, with 20,000 square feet, there are so many booths and all so clean and smartly displayed.

  • Vermont Pickers On the way into Chester on Route 103, near Devallia is this dark brown stained house with lots of parking in front. The front porch says it all. You have to be a hunter when you go, ready to uncover treasure. The owners are pickers so the treasures grow with their scores.

  • Windham Antique Center Just south of Chester is Bellows Falls is this fabulous antique store in the adorable downtown area. Reminds me of a baby ABC Home in NYC when it carried querky things or even RH before it became elegant design centers. Check them out. So cool, so fun. (Across the street is Rockingham Roasters that supplies our coffee beans (woman-owned business). Pop in for a coffee or tea. Or scoot into Moon Dog Cafe nearby for a scone and coffee. This staff isn't always the friendliest (sorry), but their scones are worth it and their summer smoothies are yummy.

  • Cottage by the Brook Just down the road from Bellows Falls, is a favorite haunt of ours (mine). Year-round, it's a treasure trove that is constantly changing. Fun, quirky, something for everyone, especially if you love quirky vintage.

  • Bowerbird & Friends Hands down, one of my favorite shops in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Yes, it's a drive, so if you're coming from NYC or Boston area and want a detour, go for it. If you're up here and the snow isn't what you hoped for or your knees need a break and you love to explore, check out this place. Again, it's a feel good place with individual dealers all blended together, not in stalls, but rooms and hallways.

Now back to Quechee...

  • Vermont Antique Mall From the outside, it's got that 1970s strip mall feel. Sorry, just being honest. BUT, just go. There are three floors of treasures. It's your typical stall set up, but so well curated. You can find blue and white china, antique tools, vintage lunch boxes, fishing tackle, linens, silver, books, records, art, typewriters, furniture...give yourself some time.

Need more ideas? Give us a call. We'll be happy to give you other options. Look forward to seeing y'all!


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