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It's Mother's Day

Sunday May 12, 2019

Dear Thomas,

It's Mother's Day today.

My children are far away, but I still heard from all of them. One is in Boston, another in Los Angeles and the other down in Mexico sitting on a beach on the Sea of Cortez. I've told you before, this world is a different place than when you were alive.

I received some gifts from friends and flowers from Emma. You remember her, she's an amazing young woman who works here, quite the role model for everyone, including me. She wrote me a card - you know me and written notes - that said she was "so grateful" to have ME as a role model. Funny, how we both look at each other like that.

And then I got a letter from Richard. He wrote how I've been such an incredible mother to our children, molding them into three strong and unique individuals. He added, "You make this family complete."

It got me thinking, isn't that what everyone hopes, whether you're a mother, father, sister or brother, that your presence makes everyone feel whole.

Until next time, your house’s faithful caretaker,



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