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Every small business needs a rock. Meet our rock.

Ten years ago today, a shy teenage boy came to work at the inn. It was his first job. He started as a dishwasher. Nervous, he barely spoke to anyone during his couple shifts each week. But with time, he learned how to make salads and the other cold plates.

He began helping around the inn, prepping for each season, proudly stacking the wood in our shed and bins, planting the garden and shoveling the catwalks and paths in the winter. Over the last six years, when chefs would come and go, some would beg him to follow. He refused, saying, "This is where I want to be." Over the last three years, Chef Michael Ehlenfeldt taught Matt to make incredible desserts and ice creams. He's mastered dressings and doughs and he jumps on the line when short staffed.

Matt (Matty to us) Martel is a rock, a soldier and member of this tight family. We so appreciate everything he does. Happy 10th anniversary Matt! You are going down in this inn's history as one of it's longest and well respected employees.


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