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Either way, you got it right.

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Dear Thomas,

I'm not sure if you did it on purpose and determined the best location with all kinds of measurements to site your house or, if you trudged back off the rutted road, out into a field and said, "This looks like the right spot to build."

Either way, you got it right. The house sits on a slight rise so your home's foundation never floods and the front drive was built high enough so there's no fear the spring fed pond.will overflow and wash it away. Your stone walls have stood the test of time and the maple trees that line the drive are still thriving with sap running every Spring.

Inn at Weathersfield
front drive of Inn at Weathersfield

Trees have filled in everywhere, maples and black locust and all types of evergreens and flowering trees. You can't see Mt. Ascutney like you used to from the front porch. And you might not recognize the side,of your house as it's changed, expanded and continue to improve every year. Rest assured, your house is well loved.

Tree lined drive with old house and barns in the background
Late 1800s photo of Inn at Weathersfield

Trees line the Inn at Weathersfield's front drive
Inn at Weathersfield from the driveway

Inn at Weathersfield side exterior photo from ealy 1900s
Early 1900s photo of Inn at Weathersfield

Side exterior photo of Inn at Weathersfield
side profile of Inn at Weathersfield

Yesterday, we had our Summer Graze, our annual farm dinner. Over 75 guests joined together to give thanks to our farmers, including Steve and Esta of Ephraim Mountain Farm and Bruce and Kirstin of Abenaki Springs Farm, along with true artisans like Keith of BarthelmesBlades, Kate of KBCeramics and Ian of Rockledge FarmWoodworks. Plus, Ed and Sara of LaPizza Lupo set up their vintage black truck and wood-fired pizza oven to make the most delicious pizzas (think open faced meat pies with cheese and all kinds of yummy toppings). Barr Hill Spirits came and we featured a signature cocktail with Barr Hill's Tom Cat Gin.

We had amazing guests, so supportive of the inn. Everyone loves your house. But the success was a team effort. The meal that Chef Michael and his staff - John, Matt and Lorraine - presented was so delicious. And then there was the servers - Emma, Gianna, Melissa, Ciana, Mary and Jon - honestly, we couldn't have done it without them. They make the experience unique and we are blessed.

Thanks again fo building such an perfect house.

Until next time, your house's faithful caretaker,



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