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We're serving three days a week because...

We are living in very unique times with staffing shortages that are affecting both the hospitality and restaurant industry worldwide. Honestly, it's forced us to evaluate how we can insure our dining experience and reputation isn't compromised.

At IW Vermont, we have always taken pride in offering the best farm-to-table cuisine - whether you're with us for a special anniversary dinner, date night, family gathering or a wedding, our responsibility is to make your dining experience memorable.

To meet the needs of our talented chef and kitchen staff who strive to live a better work/life balance, we chose quality of the staff over quantity of days opened, which in the end, makes work fun. Therefore, effective now through late September, we will shrink our restaurant hours to three days a week, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays with seating from 5 pm. Please call for reservations 802-263-9217.

Please note, you are more than welcome to stay at the inn on days the restaurant is not open as we will set you up with drinks from the bar and offer a full cooked-to-order breakfast the next morning.


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