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If she's happy, we're happy.

For 225 years old, we think she's never looked better.

She has this glow about her. I thought it was only me, but guests tell us they feel something different when they walk in through the original kitchen and there's a fire blazing and music's playing.

This old house is happy," I explain.

Inn ownership is known as inn keeping or care taking. But I think it's more of a marriage. Our job is to make her the best she can be and vice versa.

For the last five years, we've fretted over her leaky roofs and pipes, warped floors, a chimney fire in 2015 that could have burned her to the ground and her rotted wood up, down and all around. Now, 1,825 days (but who's counting), of constant rebuilding and repairs, we feel settled, like this marriage is solid.

The key to this old house's happiness is its IW Vermont family. As we approach Thanksgiving, we want to thank you, our guests for choosing to stay and/or dine with us. Without you, we wouldn't be here. We also want to thank our employees. Without their hard work and dedication to us and this old house, she wouldn't be so happy.

First, thank you to Chef Michael Ehlenfeldt for creating a true farm-to-table delicious menus each day, growing the IW Garden and working with our local farmers.

Michael creates a calm, fun and drama-free environment for John, Matt and Lorraine in the kitchen and for our servers, Amy, Melissa, Sierra, Emma, Luke , Ashley and Jon. He leads by example and also finds time to volunteer teach young parents and seniors locally through Cooking Matters.

Before I wrap, it's important for me to highlight Jessica, our assistant innkeeper and event planner. She knows our software systems and knows how to make guests feel welcome both over the phone and when they arrive. When Richard and I are busy helping other guests or taking care of this old house's special needs, she's the person you meet when you check in.

And last, there is Brittany, our amazing (and the most stylish) housekeeper who keeps things humming. Her attention to detail (and her mother Dayle's (not pictured) is continuous. Brittany also makes IW Vermont's cleaning products to keep us as chemical free as possible.

Without these dedicated, hard working people, I know our lives would be different and this old house would not feel so loved. Thank you and here's to another great year!


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