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Let us take the picture.

Mother's Day is Sunday and The Inn at Weathersfield's Hidden Kitchen farm-to-table restaurant will be open with a special menu and special hours from 1 pm - 4 p.m. We'll also take photos of you and your family. And we'll send them to your email. No gimmick to collect email addresses. Just our gift. We'll take pictures on the front porch, at the table, anywhere Mom wants. We'll even take more than one until everyone looks in the right direction. BUT, if someone's hair is sticky-uppey or their face is scrunched up, well, hate to say it, we won't point it out. That will be up to all of you.

Maybe that's what happened in this family photo. Everyone's styling except me. The way my dad is gripping my shoulders, it makes me think I got in big trouble right before this shot. Maybe I was rolling down the hillside behind our church. I swear I was a cute kid.

My mother would have been 92 years old today but she died in 1977. If she were alive, and she remembered this photo, I'm 100% positive we would be busting up laughing together.

Hope to see you on Mother's Day. Call for reservations: (802) 263-9217. If not, make sure to take lots of pictures wherever you celebrate.


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