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Our Lucky Penny

Wednesday October 14, 2018

Dear Thomas,

We’re so excited to introduce guests to our lucky Penny.

We didn’t realize how sad and stressful our lives had become with George, our feisty old Airedale and how our hearts broke when we put him to sleep in September. There was a hole, a deep hole that we thought no dog could ever fill.

And then, in the middle of Fall Foliage Season, as if she fell from heaven, our sweet Penny wiggled her way into our lives. She makes us stop working and play and go for long walks, race to get home from our errands to get smothered in puppy kisses. She makes us laugh again when she jumps like a cat and plays fetch like she’s heading to spring training.

Maybe this is what being a grandmother will feel like, that joy you get when watching someone experience something for the first time.

We’re so in love and I can’t wait for you to spend time with her.

Until next time, your house’s faithful caretaker,



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