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Love is in the air....

Friday, January 25, 2019

Dear Thomas,

We’re getting ready for Jillian and Chris’ wedding tomorrow. It will be sweet, romantic (I know, you’re probably turning red) and intimate with just 16 guests traveling 3-5 hours by car to get here.

Chris and Jillian have never seen your house in person so it was a big surprise when the bride arrived yesterday with her mother and sister. We had a fire blazing in your old kitchen Rumford fireplace.

Of course, the weather was just plain awful. Raining! Can you imagine on January 24?

Anyways, this morning, I was moving tables around when I noticed the Scrabble board, a popular board game had letters on it. There in the center, “Jillian loves Chris” was spelled out in wood tiles.

Thomas, now a days, that’s the most important ingredient when couples are getting married. It’s about love, not about how many head of cattle someone is giving or property that’s transferring. It’s about love, the kind that will carry them through the nitty gritty years. That’s what it takes to make it.

Until next time, your house’s faithful caretaker,



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