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"It seems odd to write to one man about another..."

Wednesday July 18, 2018

Dear Thomas,

It seems odd to write to one man about another but today is Richard and my 32nd wedding anniversary. I wish you could meet him. He is my soul mate and our journey to this point has been an adventure (nothing as extreme as yours and Susannah’s, but definitely not the norm in today’s world).

We dated when I was in high school and he was a new college graduate. I was…smitten. Good looking, funny, confident, unlike anyone I ever met. But then my mother died and to say I was a sorrowful mess is an understatement. Our timing was all wrong.

Years later, we reconnected. By then, both of us were divorced (it’s not unusual now-a-days). I was “a package deal” with a young daughter Megs and a massive bear-size yellow lab named Arbee.

After our wedding, we moved from California to Marblehead Massachusetts. Within a few years, we had two more children, our precious Brooke and our baby boy Sam.

And then life shifted into fourth gear and the pedal hit the medal (which won’t mean anything to you except it was a blur). I can’t imagine what 12 children under one roof looked or sounded like!

Back in 1986 when we stood before just our immediate families, Richard and I promised we’d love each other through the good and tough times. You know marriage is not easy. It takes work, especially since we moved to your house and now work, sleep, and eat together every day.

I wouldn’t trade this journey for anyone else’s “picket fenced house.” I wouldn’t trade it because I’m with the love of my life.

Until next time, your house’s faithful caretaker,



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