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It's a new year.

Monday Jan 1, 2019

Dear Thomas,

It’s 2019. It’s a wonderful time of fresh starts and promises to yourself, to diet, exercise more, communicate better (not that you can’t do any of this any day throughout the year).

It’s a time for thankfulness.

IW Family & some significant others for our annual holiday party

First and above all, I am thankful for my husband Richard, the love of my life, my soulmate. He is my rock. Innkeeping would be a lonely profession without someone by your side, especially living in the woods.

Second, I am thankful for our incredible staff. So often my brain space gets consumed by an individual who causes problems, a pot stirrer. Those people are blips in our lifetime. Tonight, I’m going to raise a glass to the hardworking, dedicated work family members who keep this inn humming:

Brittany (four years here) our incredible housekeeper who keeps this place spotless. Dayle (Brittany’s mother) who comes in and pitches in

Our regular servers, Emma, (9 years here), Melissa (2 years) Morgan, Cianna, James, Luke, Kenzie, Gianna

Stephanie (breakfast cook) who gives Richard and I a weekend breaks, Jon who cuts and does all the weekly grounds maintenance, Jessica (our former assistant who kept all the balls in the air for events, Larissa who fills in when needed (4 years)

John our sous chef (2 years), Matt our garde manger – total Rockstar (10 years), Lorraine (2 years) our dishwasher and prep star

And Michael our so talented executive chef (3 ½ years)

What I’ve learned is it takes a family to make your inn hum and I’m so thankful for each and everyone one of them.

Now, about my resolution to exercise and diet…..

Until next time, your house’s faithful caretaker,



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