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If you love used books, stop.

Just north of Middlebury's traffic circle, set on the side of a nondescript stretch of Route 7, is Monroe Street Books We had no idea what to expect when we opened their simple front door in the middle of a basic box building.

"Excuse me sir, where are your cookbooks?"

"First aisle, down on the left. Also around the corner at the end and on a cart."

We didn't count them, but they claim to have over 100,000 used, rare and out of print books. Get ready for a hunt as they're stacked tightly on shelves over 12 feet tall down both sides of well lit corridors. Plus, they claim to have over 50,000 books online.

Richard grabbed a 10-foot ladder and set me up for an adventure. Of course, the vintage books were at the top. No problem. I'm not afraid of heights (when I'm inside a building).

When you come to the inn, ask me to show you my "haul."

Open 7 days a week (call if weather's rough), it's worth the detour. And while you're up that way, head just a bit north and pop into Lincoln Peak Vineyards and Tasting Room. then over to Stonecutters Spirits...



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