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"Thomas, we may be hidden, but..."

Dear Thomas,

Over six years ago, we bought your house.

From the minute we took ownership of The Inn at Weathersfield, we haven't stopped. I should say we've chosen not to stop. While we worked to position the business, naming the restaurant The Hidden Kitchen, we serviced our house and dinner guests, took care of our wedding couples and cooking class students and dug into every nook and cranny of your now 10,000+ square foot house and 21 acres to bring it back to its full glory.

It's paying off. Recently, we were recognized by several publications as the "best inn in Vermont" and now, "The best hotel restaurant in Vermont" AND "Best food in Vermont for 2019."

It's so exciting because we're in Perkinsville. There's still no stop sign. We're not in some big city like Burlington, 2 hours to the north. We're 20 miles from Woodstock and 15 miles from Okemo Mountain. We're 2 1/2 hours from Boston and 4 1/2 hours from New York City. Your house is tucked back in the woods, and yet, people are finding us without us paying any big agency to get us noticed.

Why? I'd like to say it's only because of your house, but it's also because of the food. Chef Michael Ehlenfeldt and our staff take great pride in creating the best food and giving the best service. And we're thankful for this great team, this great work family.

As we head into 2019 (can you believe it?), I realize life is good. I'm extremely tired and looking forward to a long winter nap, but I'm thrilled that we're getting recognized along side such incredible restaurants and hotels across the country.

Until next time, your faithful house caretaker,



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1 Comment

Feb 10


I remember from times past, in the evenings at this grand Venue, a piano player named Tom. Tom MacDermot maybe? Does anyone know something about him?

It must have been 20 years ago.

Do you still have the piano near the fireplace?

I happened to come upon an advertisement about for your beautiful old Inn, and thought I’d inquire.

With kind regards,


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