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January, 28 |
Hands OnHands On

HK Winterize your Body through Food

lini10:30-1:30 pm~ 55. per person

Our favorite indian cooking and Ayurvedia instructor Lini Mazumdar of Anjali Farms in Londonderry, VT returns to The Hidden Kitchen to teach us how to winterize our bodies.

Suggesting a diet filled with teas and broths can seem rather basic for surviving winter, but there is so much more to it. Lini says, “The ancient Indian health system, Ayurveda, teaches us how to live by the seasons and use diet and lifestyle in order to bring balance to our lives.”

We will learn about the three doshas (constitutions), discuss what you are, how each dosha is affected by the winter, and what changes to make in our diet and lifestyle to best nourish and fortify ourselves in order to get through this long season in the best health and without feeling depleted. We will learn to make special tea, congee, very soupy grains, broth and a hearty dish to go with it. Includes recipes and take-home goodies.

Call (802) 263-9217 or book online here.

February, 11 |
Hands OnHands On

HK Winter Stews & Soups with Molly Stevens

10:30-1:30 pm

Award-winning cookbook author Molly Stevens returns to The Hidden Kitchen to teach “Winter Stews & Soups,” a hands-on cooking class.

Details & Menu to come.

65. pp

For reservations, call 802-263-9217 or book online here.

March, 04 |
Hands OnHands On

Learn to Batch Cook for Two

breakdown-a-chicken10:30 – 1:30 pm $55. per person

Join us inside The Hidden Kitchen for this hands-on cooking class where we’ll prep and cook a meal together. As we do it, we’ll show you how to save parts for future meals. We promise, this is not a “mother’s leftovers or frozen chicken pot pie” class.

Batch cooking will save you time and money. Plus, we guarantee, you will eat healthier. Chef Michael Ehlenfeldt and his wife Cindy have been doing it for years. We’ll show you how to spend one day and prep 20 meals for two. We’ll give you lists of what to keep stocked in your pantry and fridge. We’ll tell you where to buy the tools that makes it easier. And we’ll give you recipes.

Book online here.

Or call 802-263-9217

hk - apronAnyone can teach you how to prepare a recipe, to measure, chop and braise.

Inside The Hidden Kitchen, our on-site cooking studio, you’ll learn to follow a recipe as a guideline, not as a binding road map. We’ll encourage you to take the “scenic route,” savor what’s in season, buy direct from the farmer and cook for your health and vitality. hidden kitchen more photos 011 (533x800)

This philosophy has defined the culinary experience at The Inn at Weathersfield for years. It’s also why this our farm partners play a key role in The Hidden Kitchen. Without them, we’d be like every other cooking school in the country.

indian cooking class 9-20 009 (1024x683)

Our classes are fun, entertaining and up close and personal with our Executive Chef, visiting chefs, cookbook authors and experts in their field.

 8-31-13 043 (683x1024)

Classes are open to all, whether you’re staying at the inn, live in the area, or just passing through.

And in case you’re wondering where the  name came from…

No, it’s not after NPR’s award winning radio series,  Hidden Kitchens.

While that might be a logical conclusion, the only real connection is food.

Back in the early 1970s, The Hidden Kitchen was the name of a little restaurant in the charming beach town, Del Mar, California. It was owned by inn owner Marilee Spanjian’s late mother, Ann Yalian.

“When I was a teenager, I don’t remember why or what made my mother, who was a home cook with no professional training, want to open a restaurant, but she did,” Marilee recalls. “The restaurant was located off Highway 101, below a fresh fish market. There was a wood staircase that led down off the main sidewalk that took you to a courtyard where my mom had tables and chairs for her guests. Around the corner, my dad built a mini salad bar and order counter.  I stitched her a piece of art that hung in her little restaurant.”

Fast forward around 40 years.direction sign

Behind the inn, a short walk down the lane is the cooking studio.

Behind the inn, a short walk down the lane is the cooking studio.

hidden kitchen exterior

Shortly after buying the inn, Marilee, her husband and co-owner Richard and the executive chef were brainstorming names for the cooking school.  Marilee shared the story of her mother’s restaurant and suggested The Hidden Kitchen.

They agreed it was a perfect fit as the cooking studio is tucked behind the inn inside the old barn loft. Instead of going down a flight of stairs, you go up eight and step inside a truly magical space. We invite you to come and visit.

(This was the name of my Mom's little restaurant in California. I made this for felt applique for her even though I was a bratty teenager :)




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